Stop needless waste of water, electricity and time.

Save time and money managing water, motors, and tanks, so you can live a hassle-free life.
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Anas Sheikh
Great product, exactly as described. The best part is their after sales service which most of the big names in Pakistan lack - Asani.io has got quite a good nick over that.
Muhammad Anas Shaikh
July 04, 2021
Asani.io has made our lives easy peasy.. excellent water management means no over flowing of upper and lower tanks.. not only this but saving of electricity and time are the surprise package that comes along asani.io Ghr ki entrance ziada achi lagne lagi he ab. Thank you team asani.io for your amazing service.
Faaria Mehfooz
May 26, 2021
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Complete water management of upper and lower tanks with easy to use application for monitoring the current situation. Quick service and and hassle free installation in a day.
Mujtaba Aslam Jangda
April 22, 2021
Nabeel Mansoori
We had alot of hassle in managing tanks, checking for water and then pumping to overhead tanks due to having a big family (Alhamdulillah). It was an operational hassle that consumed alot of HR and efforts. Our pressure pumps are also now secure, as we know that the upper and lower tanks are full through mobile app. We are relieved after getting integrated water management and monitoring system from Asani.io
Nabeel Mansoori
February 26 , 2021
My late-night tensions of checking the pump for line water made my next day schedule disturbed. I remained lazy just because of this matter. Last week I asked my friend at Asani.io to install his device at my home. Bhaio ghar me technology ki chiz foran accept nai hoti, and I found out this recently. Somehow, I got an ok signal and now, I’m relaxed with line water. Second most important part-my upper tank’s water never ends. The device and entire installation proved to be amazing, nice and professional. Ghr ki entrance ziada achi lagne lagi he ab. Thank you team asani.io for your amazing service.
Muhammad Abbasi
February 20, 2021
I love startups, recently came across water management solutions provided by Asano.io. Their solution has automated my house water storage completely. All my issues with waking up early to check whether water is coming from main line and then filling my top tank is now history. Very professional service in terms both for installation and answering all my queries. Best of Luck with your venture.
Munawar Ahmed
January 13 , 2021